Artist Statement

My work takes shape in the form of drawings of everyday objects that carry a ubiquitous weight of experience. My intension is to convey these objects (i.e. Christmas lights, boxes, needles etc.) in a way that reads as an unfolding experience to the viewer, where the object is recognizable yet hard to identify.
            My work also relies on the intensity of emotive obsession, one where ‘time’ is a major player. I recently made a drawing of 1,134 sewing needles. In the process I calculated I could draw 200 sewing needles in 7 hours. The result was a ‘swarm’ like cloud of overlapping sewing needles on matte finish Dura-lar. My goal is to draw 10,000 sewing needles in an ongoing single cloud like formation. I find the obsessive quality involved in creating this work to be simultaneously absurd and meditative. These contradictions represent (to me) the conflict related to daily living while also acting as a signifier to the passing of time.